I have always had a desire to learn especially about new technologies and subjects that I know little about. Once I find something that intrigues me I like to drill down into the detail and also study what other like minded people are developing.


I started my career in 1968 as an apprentice with Ferranti Computer Systems learning basic machining, fitting and electrical skills.

As a professional Computer Engineer I developed my Hardware and Software test and development skills on the Argus range of minicomputers then later working with  Zilog and Motorola microprocessors.

I moved into Project Management at Thales and acquired applications skills with a variety of management information tools. During my working life I travelled and was able to visit interesting places.

When I retired in 2016 I went back to basics and now enjoy life with my family as a Practical Engineer researching, developing and building stuff to support my hobbies.


  • Family and Friends

  • Holidays and Travel

  • Amateur Radio
  • Contesting
  • Dxpeditions
  • Portable Ops

  • Practical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Software

Amateur Radio

I am a member of Stockport Radio Society and have held the call M1PTR since 2002.  I mainly operate on the HF bands and occasionally on VHF.  I use Phone and Digital modes.

I enjoy contest and DXpedition activities and travelling to new locations that involve new challenges and problem solving. If the opportunity arises when away from home I also participate in Summits on the Air by activating accessible hills.

When not operating I build accessories that are needed to improve the station or are just fun to build.

Practical Engineering

During my apprenticeship I learned how to operate some machine tools including a lathe and milling machine. While these skills were not needed during my professional career they gave me a good foundation for doing any mechanical work at home. As a consequence I now have my own workshop that is a vital resource when building items for my hobbies.

Complimenting the early years of acquiring mechanical skills my career allowed me to develop my Electronic and Software skills as I was fortunate to work on test and design of computers and later the development of systems and software applications for industrial and transport solutions. These skills are now the basis of my hobby interests.


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